Certified Pre-owned Program

CMC Business Systems, Inc. offers the Certified Pre-Owned Canon Program as a cost effective alternative to the new Canon equipment CMC offers. Certified Pre-Owned equipment is usually one (and never more than two) generations behind the most current manufactured model. The meter is no more than 25% of the copier’s useful life and carries the same guarantees and protection as brand new models.

CMC is unique in its ability to offer Certified Pre-owned Canon copiers for a number of reasons:

CMC has its own leasing program which allows for a great selection of lease returns that have been under CMC maintenance from day one.

CMC Operations manager has over 25 years in the copier business (started out as a technician) which ensures quality input on selecting units for the program.

CMC puts all equipment selected for the program through a quality assurance process to ensure that all pre-owned systems will have the same service pricing, financing rates, and performance guarantees equal to that of brand new equipment.

The quality assurance steps include:

  1. Proper selection of core that meets CMC standards, to include low meter read.
  2. Remove all sub assemblies.
  3. Use of air compressor to blow out the frame to remove all toner and paper dust.
  4. All sub assemblies are completely inspected, replacing all worn parts.
  5. All firmware updates are downloaded to ensure unit is updated.
  6. Overall performance is checked to include accessories.
  7. Unit is inspected or “certified” by a quality inspector.
  8. Unit in then shrink-wrapped to maintain cleanliness prior to delivery.

CMC does everything possible to offer a reliable product to those customers looking for a reliable alternative to new equipment.